Eminent Cleaning Contract Services


"Big enough to do the job, small enough to care". These words embody what Eminent Cleaning
Services stand for.

For 15 years Eminent Cleaning Solutions, with the ideals and goals of offering consistent quality  service and products, has gone from a small cleaning chemical supplier to a company that competes with the biggest names in the cleaning industry thanks to it's dogged and meticulous approach to any and every cleaning contract or client requirement.

Eminent Cleaning Solutions endeavours to fulfil, and cater for all it's clients' needs and in so doing never lowers the high standards of work and cleanliness that we have come to be known for. Each site managed has its own unique requirements and specifications, therefore we always make sure that the staff are well equipped for the tasks at hand.

Eminent Cleaning Solutions supplies efficient, household-safe detergents and SABS Food Safe products so in the end the area is left hygienically clean and safe for all.

In the process and time that we are on the following premises;
- Factories
- Schools
- Shopping Centres
- Hospitals
- Offices,

We make sure that every area, every corner is thoroughly cleaned. Our staff are always highly trained to approach and maintain any situation and we ensure our best that they are courteous and kind to any and all who encounter them. In Conclusion we would like to thank you for the opportunity afforded us in presenting our company and assure you that we will always endeavour to make your smallest needs our primary concern
therefore emphatically standing by “Big enough to do the job, small enough to care.”